What are some knowledge graphs you know. What is different between these ?

  1. DBPedia : Entities and relationships are automatically extracted from wikipedia.
  2. Wordnet: Lexical database of english language. Groups english words as synsets and provides various relationships between words in a synset. It is a knowledge base that tracks specific kinds of relationships like synonym, antonym, hyponymy and so on.  http://wordnetcode.princeton.edu/5papers.pdf
  3. Yago : Also extracts knowledge from wikipedia. But also focuses on the spatial and temporal dimensions of facts
  4. Freebase : community curated, beyond wikipedia,  rich in media related data music/movies it has been integrated with wikidata
  5. Wikidata : community curated knowledge base . Freebase has been integrated with it.

Click to access swj1141.pdf

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