Name a few problems that data analysts typically encounter?

Some of the problems encountered by a data analyst are : 

  1. Biased Data : Data could be biased due to the source from which it is collected. For instance, suppose you collect data to determine the winner of an electoral campaign, collecting from a specific region alone introduces one form of a bias, while collecting data from a specific income group introduces another form of bias. 
  2. Duplicates in the data: Data could have duplicates which may impact the result of analysis. 
  3. Missing data: All data points might not have the values for all attributes you are analyzing
  4. Noisy data: The data could be noisy, usually a high value of variance indicates noise. 
  5. Outliers in the data: Points outside the expected range of data that introduce inconsistencies in the model. 
  6. Difference in formats in various data sources : Some data could be crawled and collected in html format, while other data might be collected from online reviews in text format. A third source of data might be structured data already in the database. A data analyst usually has to ingest several data sources to get richer data. 
  7. Data Volume : A large amount of data will require a different class of algorithms for processing to handle efficiently. 

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