While there are many websites that have Machine Learning and Data Science interview questions, there is no one place that covers the depth and breadth of data science interview preparation. MachineLearningInterview.com aspires to be a one-stop solution to prepare for Data Science and Machine Learning interviews

Interview questions on machinelearninginterview.com have been curated by expert interviewers, who interviewed over a hundred candidates at top companies with large data science teams. We understand what it takes to crack a data science interview. So you can focus on preparation and forget googling every other machine learning question.

Our customer testimonial :

“When I was trying to get into an ML role, even getting interviews was challenging, since my background was in Industrial Engineering.  One session with MachineLearningInterview and I realized what mistakes I was making in my resume that were leading to bad interviews. It took me just 3 more interviews to crack a new job. Now I’ve transformed into becoming a Data Scientist. I’m definitely going to take their support when I change jobs next time.”