There are tons of resources to learn data science and websites with Machine Learning and Data Science interview questions. But there is no one place for end-to-end data science interview preparation. MachineLearningInterview.com aspires to be a one-stop solution to prepare for Data Science and Machine Learning interviews. From helping with resume and linked-in review to  helping you dive-deep into data science concepts from interview perspective and focusing on how to present technical knowledge from an interview perspective, we provide a holistic interview prep product.

Content on machinelearninginterview.com has been  curated by ML Scientists with deep expertise. We have experience interviewing over a hundred candidates at top MNCs and startups and understand exactly what it takes to crack a data science interview. So you can focus on preparation and forget googling every other machine learning question.

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“Getting Data Science interviews quickly but never passing the first round was devastating. Even though I had learnt everything to be a great Data Scientist, I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong.When I was losing hope, MachineLearningInterview.com helped me understand how my resume and profile looked to hiring managers and how it could be made much more relevant for them. Once I implemented those suggestions, I started getting interviews from some great places. I also got advice on how to present each project, and my interviews started going better as well! Today the yearly hike I got in my new job is over 20x what people pay at MachineLearningInterview.com!”

“When I was trying to get into an ML role, even getting interviews was challenging, since my background was in Industrial Engineering.  One session with MachineLearningInterview and I realized what mistakes I was making in my resume that were leading to bad interviews. It took me just 3 more interviews to crack a new job. Now I’ve transformed into becoming a Data Scientist. I’m definitely going to take their support when I change jobs next time.”